(VIDEO) Kevin Durant takes Derozan to school with a crossover

(Youtube Video Courtesy of Daily Thunder)

Demar Derozan is the latest victim of Kevin Durant’s lethal ball handling skills. If I was a coach, there probably isn’t one player on my team who had the size and quickness to guard Durant so I’d double him on pretty much every possession. This play is exactly why I’d do that. Sucks the momentum right out of a team.

How many 6’11 players in NBA history can put together a highlight reel of crossovers? Not only that, but the players that he has shifting are all shorter than him. Impressive is an understatement.

Amir Johnson Gets Raptor Claw in Hair Line-Up

(Photo Credit: Amir Johnson’s twitter)

Amir Johnson is a crazy dude off-the-court. He’s known to attend parties, dress up whenever necissary, and basically not go with the flow. He is a grinder that is on the floor about three times a game, diving for a loose ball. At 6’11, Johnson is very similar to players like Dennis Rodman and Ron Artest but hasn’t done anything too crazy to be put into that category  What I think is that Amir is slowly adapting the “nutty guy on the roster” character and this definitely adds up.

Kris Humphries Tormented With Kanye Songs


Kris Humphries has been having the worst luck as of late. Other than the two year, 24 million dollar contract the big man received to begin the season (which isn’t the length that he probably wanted), Humps luck is going downhill as everybody seems to be out to get him. Referees, in-laws, and now DJ’s. 

At a club in New York (W.I.P), Humphries (according to NY Daily News) had to endure continuous Kanye West songs as the DJ’s were trying to irritate Humphries. It worked as Humphries was furious according to the source. Humphries didn’t just leave as he was at the club until around 4:00am. By the end of the night, he would end up stealing a bottle of Patron, dumping it out (in a drunk way, by pretending he was peeing but just pouring Patron out), and demanding to stay at the club when it was closing time.

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Tyler Hansbrough Has His Brother’s Back

In case you didn’t know, Tyler Hansbrough’s little brother Ben plays on the Pacers. He recently got promoted to back-up point guard over D.J Augustin after Augustin struggled for the first month in limited minutes. Bens getting an opportunity to show the Pacers that he can co-exist not only with this second unit but his brother as well. 

Ben is lucky that out of all people, Tyler is his older brother. Tyler is a scrapper that on most nights will scratch, rip, pull, bite, and do whatever he can just to get a rebound. Out of all the brother combinations in the league, the one that you shouldn’t mess with is probably the Hansbroughs. (Video Below)

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Ref Fouls Kris Humphries on Block Attempt

I’ve never seen a official do anything like this. Kris Humphries may have pissed off a few people in the past year but I don’t think he thought even the refs had it out for him.

I’d understand attacking the Raptors, but Kris Humphries? The other night, Amir Johnson on the Raptors threw his mouthpiece at the referee and nailed the ref in the back so I’d expect it against the Raptors. Blow the whistle, wave your arms, or even just let him shoot a practice free throw. Just looking at Humphries reaction is really how I look at Hump. Just a good guy, yet the guy can’t catch a break sometimes.

Kobe Hits 30,000 Point Plateau

Kobe Bryant on Wednesday became the youngest player to reach 30,000 points in NBA history. Bryant now trails Wilt Chamberlain (31,419), Michael Jordan (32, 292), Karl Malone (36,928), and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (38,387) for the top spots on the all-time scoring list. 

Bryant was also the youngest player to reach the 10,000 point mark and the 20,000 point mark. LeBron James now holds the milestone of youngest player to reach 10,000 while being under 600 points away from taking Bryant’s other milestone away at 20,000. 

It almost seems like Bryant tries to hit these landmarks with style. Here’s clips of Bryant reaching the 10000 point, 20000 point, and Wednesday’s 30000 point mark.

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Former CFL Player Reflects Upon Career

(Photo Credit: Karen Toor, Facebook)

With the passing of the 100th Grey Cup, I got the chance to chat with a former teacher of mine at Pickering High School, who just happened to be a five year veteran in the CFL. Martini played for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats for two and a half years, and finished the second half of the season with Winnipeg before getting his last two years in for the Argos in Toronto. Not a stranger to the game, Martini brought a tremendous I.Q on the field as he does on the sidelines for Pickering High School.

 John Martini is Pickering High’s face of football, yet he would never say it. A very humble man, Martini always got the best out of his students and it was because of the example that he set. The former line-backer has coached Pickering High School’s football team for decades and the teams that he coaches often are powerhouses.  

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Strange Ways To Sideline Yourself

For some players, it’s not producing consistently that’s their problem. It’s staying healthy consistently. So many injuries happen every week in the NBA that some of these injuries fly by the heads of NBA fans. They know who is injured, but how did it happen is something that can sometimes define a player and how clumsy they are.

Lately, there is more and more ways that these players hurt themselves and surprisingly, an abundance of these ways that they are sidelining themselves is off the court. I’m going over my five oddball injuries and you can add to it by throwing yours in the comment section or simply by tagging me on twitter and letting me know.

Honourable Mention: Amare Stoudemire loses boxing match to fire extinguisher

I’d like to see you beat a fire extinguisher in a boxing match.

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Jack Taylor’s 138 Point Historic Box-Score Looks Funny

Did Jack Taylor make himself a legend in college basketball? 138 points in 36 minutes is a very impressive feat. It’s the most points any collegiate player has ever scored; demolishing a record that was set 62 years ago by 25 points.

The box-score on this game looks crazy. If somebody disagrees with me, yell at me on twitter and tell me why you think this box-score is normal. I’m not going to make my readers pick through a picture of a box-score or anything, but give you the facts of it and a link for you to see for yourself. (I also skimmed through the play-by-play)

My Top Five Favorites

5. Jack Taylor missed his first five 3-point shots of game, en route to missing 44 overall. He went 27-71 from the three point line.

4. Twenty players saw the floor for Grinnell College, with Jack playing 36 minutes. Faith Baptist Bible only had 10 players suited up.

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Spoelstra on Bosh: “He is our most important player”

Chris Bosh has taken the back seat to Lebron and Wade no doubt but that may only be for a matter of time. Bosh has been clicking from all cylinders as of late and he’s really looking like he’s playing his best basketball in a Heat uniform. Eleven games into the season, Bosh has lead the Heat in scoring four times in the first eleven games while shooting a career high 55% from the field. His efficiency has complemented the Heat as Lebron was quoted (by NBC’s probasketballtalk) showing his appreciation for the big man. 

“He’s such an impact to our team, so efficient,” James said. “He gets his points so quietly, makes jumpshots, gets to the free throw line, makes things happen for our team and we all feed off of that.

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